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Photocopy Machine, Photo Studio and Office Stationery

We have a photocopy machine whether you need one copy or a bulk amount, we offer a fast and convenient photocopying service in black and white or colour. Also, we have a photo studio for photo printing with affordable price. Here's our stationery checklist at the store: Correction pens, Highlighter, Permanent marker, Pencil and pencil sharpener, Coloured pencils, Coloured pens, Coloured markers, Eraser, Correction tape / fluid / Liquid Paper Mechanical pencil and spare leads, Plain paper (for printer), ruled paper, binder books, Scrapbook, art book, Ruler, Glue, Sticky tape + dispenser, Packing tape + dispenser, Bulldog / Fold back clips, Stapler and staples, Rubber bands, Drawing pins, Plastic pockets, Manila folders, Storage pockets, Folder dividers, Hanging files, Filing trays, Sticky labels for addressing, Index cards, Label maker and spare tape, Scissors, Box cutter, Calculator, Printer toner, Tissues, Paper towel, Postage stamps, Envelopes, Laminator, USB memory sticks Batteries (for electronic equipment, for wireless keyboard and mouse), Calendar, wall planner, Desk pad, Wall hooks, Whiteboard / dry erase markers, Whiteboard eraser and cleaning fluid.