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About Company

Sylhet ICT Group is a 100% owned Bangladeshi IT (Information Technology) Company located in Sylhet. Our clients from all over the world as well as in the Sylhet and Surrounding areas. At Sylhet ICT Group Founder & CEO Mr Swopon Dash has brought Australian qualifications and experiences from Toyota and Lexus Netwok, Australia along with the staff are focused on their clients and experience. Our business has grown despite having many competitors in the market in recent times. We work closely with our parent business called "Sylhet IT Care and Cosmetics".

Our Mission

Our business's aim is to facilitate world-leading research, teaching and learning and enhance the digital experience, through provision of sustainable and reliable Information and Communications Technology solutions.

Our Vision

Our Information & Communications Technology business trusted by its customers for service excellence, caring for its employees and collaborating with our customers to deliver innovative and value driven ICT products and services.

Meet The Team

Mr. Swopon Dash

Founder & CEO, Sylhet ICT Group

Mr. Noyon Das

General Manager, Sylhet ICT Group

Mr. Burhan Chowdhury

Business Manager, Sylhet ICT Group

Mr. Mayaz Ahmed

Senior Graphics Designer, Sylhet ICT Group

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Mr. Masud Ahmed

Graphics Designer, Sylhet ICT Group

Team Image

Mr. Choyon Das

Advisor, Sylhet ICT Group